The Vision

The National Musuem is the place where Tanzian cultural heritage is exhibited. The House of Culture is the complementing/connecting vehicle where contemporary Tanzanian culture comes spectaculary alive. It is also a natrual meeting point, where Tanzanian culture is collected, displayed and celebrated. It is a living culture with oral and dance traditions, story telling, music, art and cooking tradtions, so the indoor and outdoor spaces flow together seamlessly, designed to support all of these activities.

The Musuem has been transformed and expanded to include a performance gallery, commercially viable multi-media centre, a children's art studie, work-shop areas, a Tanzanian food resturant, improved storage, working facilities and exhbition spaces. The main target user group is the community in general but more specifically children, youth, the disavantaged and marginalized groups, as well as tourists.

The Process

The House of Culture and National Musuem for Tanzania has been crafted by all parties involved to celebrate a proud and deep National culture comitted to the enviroment, community, economy, innovation, tradtion, health, safety and performance arts.

It is one of the first projects Globally to intergate a House of Culture with an existing National Museum to provide the means and technology to connect Tanazania's unique culture not only with its people but also with the rest of the World. Tengbom Michelsen started the Client collaboration process in 2003. The building was inaugurated in December 2011.

Climatic Design Innovation & Technology

The layouts of new and existing buildings in the former Botanical garden have been designed to catch the monsoon breezes from the Pacific Ocean, through the verandas then cross ventilating the buildings via perforated screen walls and shading louver panels.

The theatre has been designed by specialists and fully equipped with modern theatrical, lighting, acoustic and recording facilities as a commerical asset for th community.

The project has been recived international achitectural award BEX 2009 Client Commitment for the best building.