The Swedish Association Friends of Museum and House of Culture Dar es Salaam was founded in Stockholm on 3:rd of June 2013 with the main aim to "support the cultural activities at the Museum and House of Culture in Dar es Salaam" but also to stimulate exchange of work in the cultural area between Tanzania and Sweden. In order to provide substantial support, funds are needed for various forms of collaboration. The association is searching for various financial resources and elaborates applications for support.


In September 2013, the Swedish Institute granted a contribution of 100 000 SEK for initial contacts and planning of a larger collaborative project. In March 2014, the Swedish Institute approved a project for capacity building at the National Museum and House of Culture to be implemented 2014 – 2015. (See Art and Culture for Democracy for more information).


The friendship association organizes various cultural events in Sweden with the aim to make Tanzanian culture available and known in Sweden. Also cultural event with links to Tanzania are given attention.



Annual membership fee is SEK 200. Full amount can be paid into BG 358-3820 or PG 683009-5. Can also be paid through Swish 1231553304. The Association is open for membership to anyone interested in culture in Tanzania.



The association is registered in Sweden as a non-profit-making Association with organization nr 802473-5774.


The board of the friendship association draws on members with extensive experience of culture in Tanzania. These include Sten Rylander, former Ambassador of Sweden to Tanzania and a well known supporter of Tanzanian culture; Inger Thede, the Swedish architect who helped designed the Museum and House of Culture and advise on its construction.


The board meets on a regular basis in Stockholm. Since its foundation in June 2013, the board has organized membership meetings and cultural events.


Board members


Thomas Melin, Chairperson


Katarina Tobé, Vice Chairperson

Architect, MSA, Afrikultur


Anders Wikman, Treasurer


Hans Persson, Secretary

Former Sida/Education



Mattias Frihammar



Marianne Nilsson Wallin



Thomas Bokstad

Reija Toivio

Architect, SAR/MSA, SAFA


Sten Rylander, Honorary member

Former Ambassador of Sweden to Tanzania


Sauda Simba, Co-opted member

Dar es Salaam

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